Dog Training in Chicago: Tips to Finding the Best Program for Your Puppy

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


If you’ve ever considered taking your puppy for Dog Training in Chicago then you should make sure that you find a trainer or program that works best. As with any service, not all training programs are the same. You will need to first assess what your dog’s needs are to determine which program will be best. Below are a few factors you should be aware of as you search for the best training programs possible.

What Approach Does the Trainer Use

The best programs for dog training will provide both positive reinforcement and motivation to get your dog to learn effectively. Therefore, you should look for trainers that offer reward based programs. You never want to opt for a trainer that uses punishment to correct incorrect behavior as it is not as effective.


When looking for a professional trainer, then you must ensure that they have certification to backup their credentials. Just as you wouldn’t leave your child with an unqualified sitter or daycare teacher, you should not leave your puppy in the hands of an unqualified trainer. A reputable trainer will provide you with this information without conflict.

Programs Provided

Another factor to consider when looking for the right trainer for your puppy is the programs that are offered. Since every dog requires a different level of training, it is important to find a trainer that can provide an array of classes that are based upon the needs of your dog. For instance, if you’re looking to correct undesired behaviors, but the trainer only does potty training, this would not benefit your puppy in the long run. The more services they can provider, the better behaved and trained your puppy will be.

These are just a few factors that you should pay attention to as you interview the right person for Dog Training in Chicago. Another bit of advice would be to allow your dog to interact with the instructor. This will give you an idea of your puppy’s comfort level, as this is important to the training process. If you’re interested in quality dog training services, click here for info on programs, rates, and scheduling.

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