Understanding Your Case with a Car Accident Attorney in Fort Worth

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Accident Attorney


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In Texas, car accidents are unpredictable and could produce life-threatening injuries. In some cases, the victims don’t survive their injuries. As a result of car accidents, families or the victims themselves file a claim against the at-fault driver. The following are details to about how a Car Accident Attorney in Fort Worth can help the victims understand their case.

How the Accident Report Affects the Case

The accident report is the centerpiece of most auto accidents. It is the conclusion drawn by officers who were on the scene and collected the data represented. The officers conduct an assessment based on what all parties involved remember. They also collect eye-witness testimony from witnesses that saw the accident happen.

Assessing the Impact of Moving Violations

Any moving violation defines fault. Any violations that were committed by any victim could assign blame to them. If the victim or victims are guilty of moving violations, the award they were to receive is reduced by the percentage the court assigns. If this percentage is greater than 50%, the victim will not receive any monetary awards from their claim.

Criminal Charges That Resulted from the Accident

Criminal charges may also result from an auto accident. If the at-fault driver or any driver involved was guilty of a DUI, the county will step in and apply criminal charges. If the at-fault driver was drunk, he or she could face additional criminal charges if any victims who died.

When the Injuries Are Permanent or Present a Disability

Monetary awards are increased when the victim suffers permanent injuries or develops a disability. Permanent injuries include disfigurements, scarring, loss of organ function or limb, or brain-related conditions. Disabilities equate to any condition that causes a permanent impairment that could stop the victim from working or require ongoing treatment.

In Texas, car accidents produce incredibly detrimental conditions that could have a horrible impact on the victim’s life. For this reason, victims retain the right to file a legal claim against the driver that caused them. Victims that need the assistance of a car accident attorney in Fort Worth visit Davidskohmattorney.com for more information now.

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