Evaluating Industrial Supply Companies

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on May, 2019


When your business or company uses industrial materials, supplies, and products, it is critical to find an industrial supply company that can provide you with the quality, type, and options in the products you need.

Not all industrial supply companies are the same. Some offer only a limited range of products, while others may cater more to one industry or another. Getting to know what the industry supply company can offer, what value-added services they provide and how reliable they are for orders and delivery are all important components of the evaluation process.

Full Range of Materials

The best industrial supply companies provide a full range of what you need, options to expand your inventory and even products that may be slightly outside of industry requirements.

For example, you would expect an industrial supply company to have adhesives, fasteners, and tools, but they may also offer lubricants for equipment, light bulbs for your facility as well as racking and shelving for convenient storage of your inventory as well as janitorial supplies.

They may even offer shipping materials, which is increasingly important for online order processing. When placing your materials order, adding shipping supplies such as packing, tape, boxes, and labels help to streamline orders and eliminate the need for working with multiple suppliers.

Order Turnaround Time and Service Options

Look for industrial supply companies that have the focus of fast turnaround times on orders combined with great pricing. Some of these companies provide VMI or Vendor Managed Inventory programs. This streamlines the order process by tracking your on-site inventory and automatically sending orders to keep the inventory at your pre-set levels.

Additionally, these companies may also offer kitting services, an important consideration for OEMs of products that need assembly by end-users. All of these services add to the value the industry supply company creates for your business.

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