Rosemount Temperature Transmitters in Keco Engineered Controls

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jan, 2020


Industrial plants rely on the precision and flow of their processes in order to consistently produce the kind of products their customers are looking for. This kind of precision depends on instruments that need to be reliable, durable and truly precise each and every time a reading is taken. The data that comes out of these readings inform and help plant managers in their decisions that maintain the quality of the product and process.
That’s why temperature sensors and transmitters are crucial in any industrial process.

Among the transmitters available in the market, the Rosemount Temperature Transmitter has set the standard in the industry. They are durable, reliable and dependable in their precision, transmitting accurate temperature readings from the sensors it’s connected to to a wide range of interface.

These Temperature Transmitters come in various models that cater to different requirements, from its basic Rosemount model 148 to more advanced diagnostics in Rosemount model 3144P. All enable you to have complete control of the temperature parameters in your process.

The Rosemount Temperature Transmitter performs well in a diverse environment, able to do its job reliably. You have choices of models that can transmit temperature readings from sensors it is attached to and from those remotely connected.

There are Rosemount temperature transmitters that even sends out easy-to-set-up alerts that show up in their connected monitor display.

Advanced models can carry out diagnostics testing of your system process where its placed, allowing you to carry out preventive action and maintenance. If the Rosemount Temperature Transmitter is an instrument that can help you, give us a call at 732-901-5900.

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