Experts in Metal-Roller-Based Conveyors in the Arlington Heights, IL, Area

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2021


Metal-based rollers are popular and economical components of conveyor systems across multiple industries. Durable and strong, they effectively handle any material, from chemicals to car parts, in gravity and powered belts alike.

Metal-Roller Systems

Metal rollers skillfully engineered from premium-grade material will deliver high-performance service for years. And rollers from industry-experienced providers represent a cost-effective application for a range of industries and circumstances, including food handling, material handling, shipbuilding, dirty environments and the transportation of corrosive materials.

Roller Types

Standard-sized metal rollers serve capably not only in new installations but also as repair and replacement parts. Industry experts can also provide customized items that meet the terms of specific projects.

Steel Rollers

Steel rollers constitute a cost-effective industry workhorse that offers multiple options and achieves sought-after objectives at a competitive value for slim-margin operations.

Stainless Rollers

Where water-resistance and hygienic conditions are required, high-grade stainless steel rollers are the ideal option, especially in instances of food and beverage transportation.

Metal rollers made from stainless steel are, nevertheless, also serviceable for heavier cargo, hazardous substances, dirty environments and more, and they’re also customizable for unique conditions.

Heavy-Duty Steel Rollers

Heavy-duty rollers can handle a range of loads economically and effectively. Whether it’s support for considerable loads in the mining, forestry or shipbuilding industries or speed in high-volume production facilities, heavy-duty steel rollers can accommodate as a component of powered, gravity-fed or customized systems.

Metal Conveyor Experts

Whether it’s food, volatile material, raw or bulk materials or chemicals on gravity-fed or powered systems, experts in the Arlington Heights IL area with nearly three decades of experience in metal-based roller systems can find collaborative and cost-effective solutions for unique transportation demands. Contact Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc., at 866-976-5537 or on the website at today.

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