Factors to Consider Before Seeking Roll Off Rental Service in Geneva NY

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Business Services


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The law requires that all waste from a construction site be disposed of safely with minimal or no environment pollution. Such laws may require you to first acquire a construction license and also show how you will prevent environment pollution during your construction activities. Therefore, when doing a construction project either at home or within a town, you will need to know how waste will be picked and where it will be disposed. One of the best options is to rent a roll off from a company that offers roll off rental service in Geneva NY. Consider the following factors before ordering a roll off:

The size of the roll off needed

You will need to estimate the amount of waste that will have to be hauled in a single trip. The size of the container must be large enough to ensure that there is minimal accumulation of construction debris at the construction site. It is recommended that you go for a large container to minimize the number of trips that the truck has to make in a day. This may also help reduce your expenditure on hauling services.

Where the roll off will be located

There are many activities that usually run concurrently during construction work. Workers will also require adequate space to carry out their respective tasks. They may take too much space especially when dealing with large projects leaving very little or no space at all for placing the roll off. You therefore need to secure a certain section of the construction site for placing the roll off. The space should also be wide enough to give room for the truck that will be picking the roll off to turn easily and quickly to avoid wastage of time.

Rental period

When renting a roll off, you will need to specify the number of days you will need the roll off. This enables the company to give you an estimate depending on how they charge for their services. You should therefore know how long you will need the roll off and what kind of waste to be disposed before signing the contract.

If you need roll off rental service in Geneva NY, consider consulting Feher Rubbish Removal Inc. Other services they offer include demolition pick up and recycling programs. For more information, visit their website http://www.feherrubbish.com.

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