The Most Popular Types of Western Clothing in Folsom CA

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


One of the best things you can do for yourself is outfit your closet with a full line of clothing that is comfortable and fits your personalty and style. If you like wearing western clothing, there are a few must have items that no closet should be without. Before you rush out and spend money on new Western clothing in Folsom CA, make sure you put the following three items at the top of your list. It will help you create the most up stunning look possible and ensure you always look your best. No western wear closet is complete without these three staples.Stetson, Cowboy and Natural Straw HatsWearing a hat is the perfect way to complete a look, and can help bring your western look together. Make sure you choose a large Stetson or cowboy hat that will fit comfortably and reflect your personal style. If you are looking for an even more authentic look, make sure you add a natural straw hat to the mix so you can portray an authentic ranch style appearance. Western Wear Button Front ShirtsOne of the most iconic pieces of Western clothing in Folsom CA is a button up shirt. Most come with pearl buttons and in a variety of styles.

Whether you choose flannel or a solid color that is accented with beading, it will help give you a true western appearance that is sure to make you look your best. No western wardrobe is complete without a full selection of true western button front shirts. Cowboy and Cowgirl Boots and Footwear If you wear authentic shirts, hats and pants, you need to complete your look with a pair of cowboy boots. Boots are designed to last for years, and most new styles are more comfortable than ever. You can also use them out on the ranch, as they will easily stand up against natural elements and provide you with years of reliable use.Start your western wear wardrobe off right by getting these 3 must have items. If you aren’t sure where to find the clothing items you need, look no further than lee’s feed and western store inc . They offer a full selection of clothing in a wide range of sizes and styles. Visit their store today or browse their site so you can take the first step in completing your western wear look.

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