Find a Mirror with Personality: Bathroom Mirror in Indianapolis IN

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


Bathroom mirrors are important bathroom fixtures. Trying to find the perfect bathroom mirror for a person’s height, style, and taste can be difficult without some tips. Lighting with the appropriate mirror can make all the difference in one’s bathroom. To find the right mirror height, measure from the top of the bathroom counter to the ceiling and experiment with positions relative to one’s own height. While shopping online may save money, in store locations are almost always the better choice because one can test out the merchandise before buying.

When looking for a Bathroom Mirror in Indianapolis IN, check out the style, size, shape, and mount of the mirror itself. The style should match the rest of the bathroom. For example, if the room’s fixtures are sleek and modern, a matching sleek mirror should be used. The mirror, even if it is not completely a match, should blend with the rest of the room and home’s decor. If the new mirror is smaller than the old one, the extra wall space may have to be painted or covered. The mirror’s shape should be considered as well. Just like the size, the shape should complement the rest of the home and room. Sometimes homeowners want irregular shaped mirrors, oval ones, or even a perfect square. The mirror can be wall-mount, edgeless, or framed. The choice between the three is merely preferential.

Besides the basic characteristics of a Bathroom Mirror in Indianapolis IN, homeowners should also consider the type of bathroom mirror desired. For example, there are Venetian mirrors, Vanity mirrors, Captain’s mirrors, and Extension mirrors, to name just a few. Venetian mirrors are ornate and have designs etched into the glass. Vanity mirrors are small with built-in lights that sit on the countertops. Captain’s mirrors hang from straps on the wall and are round. Extension mirrors have an arm that can be extended and are best for small bathrooms with little room over the sink. Think about each of these characteristics and types before choosing just any mirror. One can view the selection at Dr. Shower Door and Mirror LLC in Indianapolis to narrow the choices and find the perfect bathroom mirror for a person’s home.

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