The Different Features to Consider When Designing Hand Railing in Louisville, KY

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2014


Decks are an a place to enjoy a family gathering, to sit and talk or to just relax and watch the scenery. But in order to make them safe, they need to have hand rails. Hand rails are an important part of decks and any staircases that lead onto the deck. Hand rails can also be a very stylish design feature if done correctly. These are some of the elements to think about in regards to the design of your hand rails.

One of the most important design features in Hand Railing in Louisville KY is the columns that make up the support system for the hand rails. This sets the tone for the type of style your hand rails are going to wind up being. More detailed columns can reflect a more old world style as well as have a more classic design. The extra detailing on the wood will cost a little more but it can be an interesting design element.

Another important design feature is the decision of what to do with the slates that are placed at regular intervals. These slates can be composed of wood in the same type of style as the columns. There are other options that go with a more modern style such as a glass enclosure or thin wires that do the same job and offer the same type of protection as the slates.

But perhaps the most important design feature for Hand Railing in Louisville KY is the hand rails themselves. There are many different types of cuts that can be applied to hand rails. Some of the cuts can be made wide enough to set drinks or lighting on top of it. Other cuts can be thin and streamline. You should pick a type that you are comfortable with as well as one that accommodates the look you are going for.

Even though hand rails are a safety feature, they can still be incorporated as part of the design. These design features can be mixed and matched to get the exact design that you are looking for to compliment your deck or stairs. For more information, check out Metro Fence Industries Inc.

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