General Dentistry Services in Bridgewater NJ Recommend Good Care for Teeth During the Sugary Holidays

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2019


As Halloween approaches, with Christmas following just several weeks afterward, it’s time to think about dental health in regard to eating sweet food. General Dentistry Services in Bridgewater NJ, want everyone to be proactive about caring for teeth, so cavities don’t develop.

Kids bring home a lot of candy after trick-or-treating, and parents usually have a bunch of candy at the house to hand out to children at the door. That means an abundance of items such as chocolate, caramel, licorice, and hard candy. Sticky candy tends to be the worst for teeth since it adheres to the enamel and can be difficult to get off. The sugar staying in contact with the enamel is a big risk for tooth decay. Hard candy is better unless someone has a tendency to chew it. In the worst-case scenario, this can chip and crack teeth.

General Dentistry Services in Bridgewater NJ, would advise people to rinse with water thoroughly after eating candy and chew some sugarless gum that contains xylitol. Xylitol prevents tooth decay by helping the enamel remineralize to a certain extent. It’s important to brush two or three times a day, but brushing more than this can actually be hard on the enamel.

It may sound strange but, in regard to dental health, it’s better to eat a bunch of Halloween candy all at once instead of doling it out little by little over a few weeks. That way, the sugar is used up quickly and doesn’t contact the teeth day after day. However, that may not be advantageous for blood sugar or weight!

The Christmas holiday generally starts being celebrated in early September, with people beginning to have fun baking cookies and other goodies. They set candy out in dishes around the house and bring it to work. Once again, everyone needs to be conscientious about taking care of their teeth with all these tantalizing treats available. A dentist such as Bedminster Dental can perform a routine exam along with a professional teeth cleaning and polishing, and advise patients whether they need to change anything about their home dental care. You may click here to get additional info.

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