What You Should Know About Bail Bonds in Glens Falls, NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


In New York, bail bonds are a more affordable option for getting released from county jail. The bonds are available via cash payment or the use of collateral. The bonding agents will provide all documents for the bail bonds in Glens Falls, NY and deliver the documents to the court and the county jail.

Does the Defendant Need a Standard or Federal Bail Bond?

The type of criminal offense defines what type of bail bond is needed for the defendant. Typically, unless the defendant is accused of a federal crime, a standard bail bond is the right choice. The defendant’s attorney can explain the differences and identifies what bail bond is needed.

Where Is the Defendant?

The location of the defendant plays a role in determining who can get them released from the county jail. Bonding agents aren’t always licensed in every county. It is necessary for the defendant’s representative to find out exactly where the defendant is being held and acquire their booking number. Agents who are licensed in the county can provide a bond.

Did the Judge Approve Bail for the Defendant?

The defendant is told during their arraignment if they are eligible for bail. The judge assigns a bail amount according to the type of crime and if the defendant is a potential flight risk. Higher bail amounts are assigned when the defendant has an extensive criminal history. The type of crime and whether they are a risk to the victim plays a role in the decision, too.

What Steps Should Be Followed to Get a Bail Bond?

The defendant’s representative provides a percentage of the bail to secure the bail bond. It is usually around 10%-14% of the bail. If the representative doesn’t have cash, they could use collateral to secure the bond.

In New York, bail bonds are a better alternative to paying the full bail amount. Defendants who aren’t a flight risk are granted bail and have the opportunity to get out of jail with the bonds. A representative must provide the payment to the bonding agent before the bond is processed. Criminal defendants who need bail bonds in Glens Falls, NY are encouraged to contact us for more details now.

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