Hiring Attorneys to Help Car Injury Victims in Honolulu, HI

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Apr, 2016


In Hawaii, victims of car accidents must begin by examining their claim against the responsible driver. This claim must consist of solid evidence that is proven viable by an attorney. The attorney must assist the car injury victims in Honolulu, HI, by guiding them through the claims process.

Obtaining a Copy of the Accident Report
The first task for any accident victim is to obtain a copy of the accident report, which is the findings of the investigation led by law enforcement. The officers who arrive at the scene acquire information from all drivers to determine who was at fault. The accident report designates what driver or drivers caused the accident. It also describes what happened to cause the accident in the first place. The accident report must be included in the claim.

Documenting the Victim’s Injuries
The victim must acquire medical records from their doctor. If they visited the emergency room, they need these records to support their claim as well. The records should show the doctor’s exact diagnosis and show that the accident was the cause of these injuries. These medical records should paint a picture of how, exactly, the victim sustained the injuries.

The victim must provide copies of their medical expenses with their claim. These bills present the exact value of all medical treatment for their injuries. This value is added to the total monetary award in the claim.

What is Comparative Fault and How Does It Affect the Case?
Comparative fault identifies a moving violation that shifts the blame onto the driver. If the victim played any role in the cause of the accident, comparative fault is identified in their case. This assignment reduces the total value of the monetary award. If all parties are at fault equally, the judge may eliminate the possibility of a monetary award for the victim.

In Hawaii, victims of car accidents are entitled to monetary award to cover their medical and auto repair costs. If their recovery time causes a loss of income, the judge may include a value for lost wages in the settlement. Car injury victims in Honolulu, HI, who need to file a formal claim should visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com today for more information.

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