A Brief Guide to Well Pump Repair in Greenville OH

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


Anything that strains a well pump can cause an early failure. However, it can be difficult to determine if a home needs Well Pump Repair in Greenville OH. Below, homeowners will learn some of the most common situations that cause well pump failures.

Lost Pressure in the Expansion Tank

A well pump’s expansion tank is a sealed container that is filled with water. As it fills, the air in the tank is compressed until pressure is sufficient to activate a pressure switch. When a fixture is turned on inside the home, the tank’s air pressure will squeeze the internal bladder, forcing water out. When the water in the tank is low enough to reduce pressure, the switch reactivates the pump. However, if the expansion tank loses the charge with which it came from the manufacturer, the pump has to work harder to maintain the water level in the tank.

Power Failures

Because the pump works on electricity, it will likely stop working during a power outage unless it is equipped with a secondary power supply such as a generator or a battery.

Delaying Important Repairs

Common repairs include pressure switch and tank replacement, which can cost from $50-$500 depending on the nature of the work. Homeowners should schedule a yearly inspection, which can cost about $100. However, if these inspections are delayed, well pump replacement is a significant expense costing about $1000 for replacement and installation.

Long-Lasting Submersible Pumps

It is typically easier to repair a well with an above ground pump than it is to work on one with a submersible pump, as the latter usually involves pulling the pump out of the well. Thankfully, submersible pumps can last for 25 years, but they will not last that long if there is a substantial amount of sediment in the well.

When a home’s well pump needs service, be sure to hire Wiley Well Drilling, a provider with good customer reviews and the right state licensing. By learning what can cause well pump failure and by knowing what to expect during Well Pump Repair in Greenville OH, customers can get through the pump replacement process with minimal hassle and expense.

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