How a Social Security Lawyer near Tulsa, OK Helps Clients After Claim Denial

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jan, 2019


A Social Security lawyer near Tulsa, OK assists people whose disability claims have been denied by the Administration. It’s technically possible to appeal denials without professional legal representation, but the success rate is higher for claimants who have attorneys helping with the paperwork and other requirements. One source reports that 60% of claimants with lawyers had successful appeals, whereas only 34% without attorneys were successful.

Getting Started

During an initial consultation, the attorney assesses the information the person brings and decides whether they have a good case. If so, the lawyer and individual then decide if they want to work together. A Social Security lawyer near Tulsa, OK begins preparing the case and gathers any additional documentation that is required, which usually is necessary for a successful appeal.

Claim Denial

The person whose claim for disability benefits has been denied should definitely not feel alone. The Administration actually denies the majority of initial claims; about 70% are rejected. Attorneys with an organization such as Social Security Law Center understand the reasons why valid claims are not approved, and that knowledge allows them to effectively help their clients. Many people decide to hire a lawyer before they even begin the application process because appealing a denial can take more than a year.

Appealing Denials

After a claim is denied, the applicant has only 60 days to from scratch. Even if the person has already waited more than a month, disability lawyers can get the ball rolling quickly after they are hired for legal representation. They make sure the appeal is made before the deadline and that all necessary documentation is included.

These lawyers also assist when the Administration stops making payments while the individual is still unable to return to work. The medical documents provided originally may have indicated that maximum medical recovery should occur by a certain time frame, but that may have been inaccurate. Visit to learn more about one particular legal organization.

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