How Ansul Systems in Iowa Helps Protect A Company’s Employees And Equipment

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


One of the biggest dangers that can cost a company money and lead to employee injuries is a vehicle or equipment fire. While having a standard fire extinguisher on commercial equipment can be an excellent way to prevent injury, An effectvie ansul system in Iowa will provide automatic protection that can help reduce the amount of loss associated with a fire and prevent the onset of serious injury. Here is how an automatic fire suppression system can help save lives and money.

Strategic Placement

One of the most important aspects of a fire suppression system is the location of the systems retardant containers. When a fire is detected, the system will automatically release a fire suppression chemical, which can help quickly extinguish the flames. The system should be installed by a professional, and be designed to focus on the engine, gas tank location, and driver compartment.

Fire Detectors

The system will be composed of several elements, but the fire detectors are what will first detect the presence of flames and cause the system to engage. Be sure there are detectors spread throughout, and ensure that the sensors are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they do not stop functioning due to a buildup of dirt and dust. It is also important to inspect them for damage once a month.

Concentrated Retardant

Ansul system in Iowa works by spraying a condensed fire retardant material over the various areas. As the chemical makes contact with the fire, it will cause it to extinguish and the fire has less chance to grow. It can also help protect the equipment by preventing the fire from spreading and reducing the amount of damage. Don’t let a fire lead to a loss of money or lives.

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