Comprehensive Commercial Tire Services in Saltillo MS

Posted By : admin , on Apr, 2020


Commercial tire service in Saltillo MS, need to be completed by experienced technicians who take a proactive approach and provide comprehensive services. After the vehicles are acquired, tires will most likely be the biggest expense for commercial fleets. Selecting the proper tire and tread design for the truck is the first step toward saving time and money for the business. If trucks do not have the right tire for the cargo or the task, downtime will increase, repairs and replacements will cost a lot of money, safety will be compromised, and equipment and engines will wear prematurely.

Commercial trucks, farming equipment, construction vehicles, mining trucks and equipment, off-road fleets, and other heavy-duty equipment need specific tires to accommodate their payloads and the terrain. Companies that specialize in tires for these types of vehicles and equipment, like CMC Tires, for example, can calculate compound requirements for tires and payloads. Ton kilometer per hour (TKPH), or ton mile per hour (TMPH) in the US, is how tires are rated for off-road vehicles, heavy equipment, and mining procedures. The purpose of the rating is so tires will not overheat or fail under the pressure of the task. It also helps maintain safety standards. Mining and construction trucks, for example, use tires with unique non-directional tread design for better traction off road. Tire brands include General Tire, Goodyear, Dunlap, and Maxam.

Commercial Tire Service in Saltillo MS, requires specific vehicles and equipment for the safe repair and replacement of those tires. They have to comply with regulations and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) demands when on-site to provide services. High visibility clothing, safety protocols, and experienced technicians are needed to do the job right. Comprehensive services for tires includes inspections, maintenance, repairs, rotations, alignments, and replacements.

Service to remove and recycle tires to minimize the impact on the environment is also available. Tire recycling outlets recycle the tire casings to reduce customers’ carbon footprints. Technicians are on call 24/7 for emergencies, call now. In addition to commercial tires, services and tires are available for light trucks and personal vehicles as well.

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