The Advantage Of Acquiring Commercial Foundation Services In Honolulu

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


Honolulu property owners face a variety of challenges when managing their foundation. Unfortunately, the warning signs of problems aren’t always clear. This is why commercial property owners should educate themselves of possibilities, which could cause severe damage. Heightened awareness leads to the probability that they could acquire repairs before disaster strikes.

Common Foundations Problems

Cracks are the most recognized issues within foundations. They run both vertically and horizontally, affecting the walls and the flooring surrounding them. The types of cracks discovered are indicators of different problems. For example, hydro-static pressure within the soil causes wall cracks.

When the Foundation Sinks

The most noticeable sign of a sinking foundation occurs around the sides of the property. When more than one side of the property has sunk into the ground, the property owner should hire Commercial Foundation Services in Honolulu. This requires them to lift the foundation carefully to maintain the integrity of the entire building.

When the Walls Bow Inward

Walls that bow inward within the basement are a sign that property damage has occurred. If a repair service doesn’t manage these conditions, the walls will collapse and cause the entire property to cave in. If the walls bow, it could indicate that exterior cracks exist or that hazardous toxins could be present within the walls.

Windows and Doors that Won’t Open Correctly

Settlement of the foundation leads to windows and doors, which become stuck. This is a probability within all properties as they age. However, when these conditions are present, the owner should acquire an inspection to determine if any other detrimental conditions exist inside the basement of the property.

Potential Repair Options

Carbon-fiber strips are an efficient option for strengthening and stabilizing walls. As they begin to bow, these strips force them back into place and prevent a structural shift or collapse. Epoxy injections are sufficient repairs for cracks. They fill in the crack and prevent them from becoming larger.

Commercial property owners should take careful steps to mitigate potential foundation damage. They should learn the warning signs of potential conditions, which lead to a compromise of the structure’s integrity.

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