How Custom Iron On Transfers Can Turn Any Event From Good to Great!

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Jan, 2015


Custom Iron On transfers can be added to T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and even polo t-shirts. Transfers offer thousands of pattern options and even custom design services where you can be the artist. You can produce new designs for T-shirts that you will wear every day or new fun apparel for your next family event, reunion or school function (like a dance, after school club or sports team). Making your own custom design through an easy online platform (or working with an in store design team) and applying it to t-shirts for your team, family or club can really make a good event great! Custom iron-on transfers are also a great way to offer customized clothing giveaways for a fundraiser or add a new company logo to employee shirts. Give people something to remember you, your company or that special event with custom iron on transfers.

Iron-on transfers are affordable, offer vibrant color options and are very durable. You can create thousands of amazing color schemes and patterns without breaking the bank!

Custom Iron on Transfers for Events, Fundraising, and Giveaways

Creating a great event that people will remember includes a lot of different factors. One new addition to add a unique spark to your next event should be Custom iron on tees, sweatshirts, and high quality polo’s. As a giveaway prize or for each event attendee, custom Iron-on and design clothing is a great way to expand your events wow factor. People will love your event and could be wearing your custom screen printed t-shirt or sweatshirt for years after! This could be a great advertising tool for next year’s event, Fundraiser or company giveaway.

Build Your Brand Events &Spread your Company Fan base Through Custom Screen Printed Transfers

With social media and the constant demand for content now woven into everyday marketing plans, there is no shortage of ways to try and reach your customer. Common methods to reach out to prospective customers and fans include giveaways online of company memorabilia like t-shirts, hats, jackets and sweatshirts. The versatility of Iron on transfers allows them to be applied to almost any fabric. This gives you the freedom to create an entire product line at an extremely affordable rate. Add your company logo to Hats, tees, and polo t-shirts to help spread the word about your company brand!

From giveaways to fundraising, to everyday awesome clothing creations, you are only limited by your design ideas when it comes to Custom screen printing and iron on transfers. Contact a local Custom screen printing company or head online to search for a great screen printing shop for your next event, giveaway, or promotion.

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