Ideas About Recycling Metals CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Recycling metals have been done for over 100 years by industry for a few reasons. One is that costs to refine steel from ore are much higher than costs to process existing steel and recycle it. This is true for steel as well as copper, tin, and nickel. This would also be true for bronze, which is copper and tin combined, and brass, which is copper and zinc.

Old appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, clothing washers, and dryers can be recycled, as well as cars. Metal from industrial milling referred to as “turnings” can also be recycled. Over the road trailers and shipping containers as well as rails for train travel all can be recycled as well. To find Metals CT that can be recycled, it is a good idea to check with construction companies to see if metal that can be recycled is available.

In suburban areas, large appliances are often left at the side of the road for anyone who wants to come and pick them up, depending on the local regulations allowing this. Recycling can be done through some institutions like schools or colleges that may have considerable amounts of metal that may be able to be donated for recycling. In many cases, programs to encourage recycling are also in large office buildings and places like hospital cafeterias. Companies that work with transporting goods in containers or ship building may also have metals available that can be recycled.

Some of these companies may be willing to share the return on taking metals to be recycled with someone who is willing to pick up and haul metals to be recycled. It is not suggested to ever take metals without first contacting property owners or construction site managers as this can be considered theft, even if the material is going to be discarded.

Millions of tons of metals are recycled worldwide every year. It is suggested to not discard metals that are left over from construction work that is commercial or residential. Also, metals from plumbing jobs may also be worth recycling too.

The quality of the metal can be important when it comes to recycling. Metal that is corroded or contaminated with certain materials may not be able to be recycled easily. To find out more about Metals CT visit and Browse website of Calamari Recycling Co Inc.

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