Options for Workstation Maintenance in Bellevue, NE

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Most companies providing any type of information technology (IT) services charge an hourly rate. What that means is services may be difficult to fit into a budget. It may cost nothing one month and hundreds of dollars the next month if a problem arises or repairs need to be completed. That situation may not be an issue for large businesses, but it can be a major concern for medium and small businesses. Keeping workstations maintained can avoid major repair issues, down time, and a reduction in productivity. There are a few alternative options for Workstation maintenance Bellevue NE. An all-inclusive service package that addresses the most common IT issues and provides unlimited help is a more cost-effective option than paying an hourly rate at unexpected times.

Budgeting a flat rate, knowing systems and networks are monitored constantly, and having peace of mind will help businesses of any size operate more efficiently. An added benefit is knowing help is available whenever it is needed is ideal for most businesses. The Geeks! flat rate IT package includes around the clock monitoring of all network devices, unlimited maintenance and backup management, and patch management for Microsoft products that is also unlimited. Unlimited services from the help desk, as well as unlimited on-site and remote labor, are also included. Business owners Click Here for complete details on the flat rate package.

Managed IT services are also available in a Ninja IT package. That includes constant off-site network monitoring, proactive maintenance, secure off-site backup, and a 24/7 help desk. Plans for this service can be customized to suit the business needs. Paying only for the services required by the business makes managed IT affordable. Other benefits include access to a team of IT experts, consolidation of vendors, and protection from disasters before they effect the business.

Emergency IT services are also available when needed. Those services are completed at an hourly rate and include 24/7 availability, in-house support, and either on-site or remote services, whichever is necessary at the time. Other available services besides Workstation maintenance Bellevue NE include computer and network repairs, web design, hosting solutions via the cloud, and IT staff to augment regular staff for specific projects.

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