Bring a Piece of Traditional Craftsmanship into Your Home with a Persian Rug in New York City

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


As you’re well aware, not all rugs are created equal. Some are little more than bland, overpriced recreations of classic designs whereas others are cheap and audacious renditions simply made to meld with an array of interior decor themes. When you purchase an authentic Persian Rug in New York City, you’re bringing a high-quality handmade tradition into your home to be enjoyed for decades to come.

According to the history books, the custom of Persian rug making dates back as far as 400 B.C. They served families well by protecting their flooring and adding style and color to their homes, but even then, their value spanned well beyond utilitarian purposes. Each of these beautiful, lovingly crafted pieces was one-of-a-kind and told its own unique story. They held intricate depictions of family lineage, important moments in cultural history or game-changing battles between armies of the time.

Though most of those early examples of Persian craftsmanship are long gone, their legacy lives on in the rugs available today. You could easily make a trip to your local discount store and buy a stockpile of cheap knock-offs having recently slid off mass-production lines in a factory across the country. If one were to be horribly stained or give in to the hazards of everyday life, you could simply replace it with a cookie-cutter twin; of course, it wouldn’t have any meaning.

A true Persian Rug in New York City should be proudly displayed, but it also requires its fair share of care. Off-the-shelf foaming cleanser could do more harm than good when you’re trying to eliminate the latest pet-related accident or brighten up the dullness of repeated foot traffic. Regular vacuuming is recommended along with frequent re-positioning and avoiding excessive sunlight. Spills can be gently dabbed both on the surface and underneath as soon as they occur.

All that being said, it’s best to have your Persian rug cleaned at least once a year by professionals who are well-versed in caring for these treasured pieces. When you bring one of these into your home, you’re adding a snippet of history and a labor of love to your decor. As long as you maintain it well and leave the heavy cleaning to the professionals, you’ll have a piece worthy of diplomacy and members of the cultural elite to pass down through generations. Browse our website to learn more.

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