Looking Into Less Common Options for Gun Ammo in Louisville KY

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2015


With all the talk about the long-standing scarcity of ammunition in the area, the reality is that those who plan ahead and think strategically can find the Gun Ammo in Louisville KY that they need. In some cases, this will mean making minor compromises, but the fact is that some of these can turn out to be just as satisfying as the defaults.

The most popular and frequently sought-after Gun Ammo in Louisville KY, of course, is that of the .22 LR load. Used with everything from compact, lightweight pistols to the kinds of starter-level long guns that make such popular gifts for young shooters, this is a versatile round that performs well in a broad range of applications.

Most of the shooting done today with .22 LR is likely at local target ranges, with just about everyone who engages in this type of activity owning a weapon that fires it. That can make it hard to acquire stockpiles of the load large enough to allow for all of the desired activity, but there are sometimes other options that make at least as much sense.

Many locals, for instance, have recently discovered that it can be easier to acquire subsonic ammunition in .22 caliber than the otherwise more common long-rifle style. While that might not be desirable for a weapon that is to be used for varmint control or small-game hunting, it can easily be a fine idea when other purposes prevail.

For example, with so many .22 rifles in the area finding themselves in the hands of younger shooters, subsonic ammunition frequently makes a great choice. With quite a bit less in the way of powder in each cartridge, subsonic .22 loads create much less kick, making them easier for smaller and less experienced shooters to handle and live with.

Ammunition of this kind is also noticeably quieter than the supersonic sort. While making use of good hearing protection is always a good idea, even with earplugs in place, shooting subsonic ammo can be a lot less fatiguing. Even when LR loads are hard to find, then, it sometimes turns out that what is still left on local shelves can boast its advantages.

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