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Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2019


There are few things as thrilling as shooting a gun. However, those headed to the shooting range for the first time can feel unsure about what to do. It’s essential to have some basic information before shooting a gun. This guide will help those searching “Shooting Ranges Near Me” navigate their first trip to the gun range

Learn Gun Safety

There is no question about it-;a gun is a dangerous weapon. Gun safety is paramount, especially at the shooting range. The basics of gun safety include always assuming a gun is loaded, keeping the finger off the trigger until ready to fire, always pointing the firearm in a safe direction, and knowing the target and what lies beyond it.

Bring A Mentor

Outside of taking a course on operating a firearm safely, the best way to visit a shooting range for the first time is with an experienced friend. Even with taking a course, it is difficult for a person to take what they learn in a classroom setting and apply it once they’re on their own. With an experienced shooter nearby, it is easier to practice safely discharging a gun.

Start With Something Small

Guns come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and capacities. It is always best for a new shooter to start with a small pistol to get a feel for how to shoot safely. Once they are comfortable with that, shooters can graduate to something more powerful.

Always Dress Accordingly

There are some obvious wardrobe requirements when visiting a shooting range. For example, it is essential to wear hearing protection and safety glasses. One other lesser-known suggestion is to avoid wearing V-neck shirts. When a person wears a v-neck shirt, they may find themselves picking shell casing out of their shirt after firing.

Don’t Cross The Thumbs

Beginner shooters often make mistakes when learning how to grip a pistol properly. One of the biggest things to avoid is crossing the thumbs. Gripping this way puts the thumbs at risk for injury when firing the weapon.

Head To The Range

Visiting a shooting range for the first time is a great opportunity to know more about gun ownership. A first-time shooter needs to be prepared to get the most out of their trip. After getting familiar with this list of tips, first-time range visitors can get back to their “Shooting Ranges Near Me” search.

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