Maintaining A Septic Lift Station in Lakeland Florida

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


In many areas where homeowners are dependent upon a septic system for their sewage management, the tank is located at a relatively high elevation on the property and the filtered waste transfers by gravity feed into the leach field. But in some localities, the geography doesn’t permit this, and the sewage has to be moved uphill in order to be released into the leach field. This is where a septic lift station comes into use.

Put simply;a septic lift station is a pump. It works when a float inside the pump is raised to a certain level. When the float’s line is drawn taut, a switch is tripped which activates the pump, boosting the filtered sewage upward until it drains into the soil. Now, septic systems of any kind require regular maintenance. But where a lift station is involved, maintenance is crucial. If the pump fails, the septic tank backs up far more quickly than in regular gravity-feed septic systems. That spells huge trouble and an even bigger cleanup and repair bill in the offing.

Maintaining a Septic Lift Station in Lakeland Florida is something that a DIY homeowner can accomplish. But for most persons in such a situation, it’s better for professional plumbing technicians to handle the work, and it can be done along with the regular maintenance and cleaning of the septic tank. A few relatively simple procedures are all it takes to ensure that all systems are functioning according to design.

All Pro Plumbing is a licensed plumbing company located in Lakeland, Florida, and has been handling work such as this for customers all over Polk County. Their plumbers specialize in septic lift station maintenance, repair, and installation. With the depth and degree of their expertise, they can best advise clients when they need a repair or a replacement of their lift station. They have dealt with a variety of systems and installations and are well versed in every aspect of septic and sewer lift design and function. This makes them the ideal people to contact regarding problems with your Septic Lift Station in Lakeland Florida. Contact them today if you have a maintenance issue or if the lift station has stopped functioning. Their plumbers are available for emergency service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can also follow them on Twitter for more update!

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