How A Printing Service Can Be Environmentally Friendly

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


Computers have cut down on the need for paper to a large extent, and this has been good for the environment. Fewer trees have to die, and there is less waste from unrecycled paper. Since printing companies deal primarily in paper, they may not seem like an environmentally friendly type of business. However, there are several ways that a Printing service can go green, and these practices are becoming more widespread.

One environmentally friendly practice that some printing services are adopting is the use of recycled paper. Traditional paper is made from tree pulp, which not only kills many trees early in their life cycle, but also creates a large amount of solid waste. “Green paper” is typically a composite of recycled paper and other recycled materials, such as synthetic fibers and cotton fibers from blue jeans. If tree pulp is used, green printing companies source it from a sustainably managed forest. Consumers find the quality of green paper to be as good or better than traditionally manufactured paper.

Green printing companies also use environmentally friendly ink. Traditional printing ink contains petroleum, a non-renewable resource which emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. VOCs are pollutants and have been known to cause health problems among printing press employees. Fortunately, there are now some inks available that are made of soy and other vegetable compounds, and they release few to no VOCs. Another advantage of this eco-friendly ink is that paper printed with it can be more easily recycled. Customers who choose “green ink” can get even brighter colors than with traditional petroleum-based ink.

Another way that a Printing service can be responsible for the environment is by recycling everything. This includes all paper waste, ink, solvents, printer cartridges, and metal printing plates. When these materials are recycled, they can often be re-manufactured and put back into use, which greatly reduces the environmental impact of a printing job.

The next time you visit a printing service, inquire about their paper, ink, and recycling practices to make sure that your printing job is not harming the environment unnecessarily. For more information about green printing services, visit

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