Maintenance and Septic Repair in Tacoma for Impeccable System Performance Years Down the Line

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Places that need septic systems to contain and treat wastewater is an economical choice over sewer service. Wastewater is processed in a way that separates sludge, or biological agents that can only be disposed of, from water that can be treated with aerobic bacteria and used to fertilize soil on the landscape. Septic contractors install, clean, repair and make sure systems are working properly with routine maintenance. Tanks have to be pumped and cleaned out before they get too full and unable to process anymore wastewater. Owners of these types of systems need to communicate with their septic service provider so there’s an understanding of how it will be used. Larger sized families will need the tanks pumped more frequently than families of two or three.

The filter in septic tanks is a vital constituent of the system. It prevents debris and bits of loose solids from entering the drainfield. The drainfield can be ruined if the filter stops working. Drainfield tubes are made of plastic that rest on the surface of soil. Treated effluent water seeps through small straining holes across the tubing and is absorbed by the soil. Heat from sunlight helps excess water evaporate. Systems are sure to eventually become over-capacitated and saturate soil if pumping service is abandoned. The filter is overwhelmed and cannot prevent solids from coming through. The whole system can break down if this happens. The cost required for Septic Repair in Tacoma to reverse damage like this doesn’t even compare to the small investments made for maintenance every two to four years.

During maintenance and Septic Repair in Tacoma, tanks are inspected to look for failing parts that need to be replaced. Technicians make sure all components of the tank are secured in their proper location. Parts that are displaced will stop the systematic functions from working seamlessly. Septic tank inlets and drainfield outlets are components that need repair or replacement parts after so long. The tubes are constantly exposed to biological solids and water. If wastewater can’t pass through the tubes, a system backup is inevitable. Have tanks pumped and inspected on a schedule recommended by septic contractors.

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