Mistakes to Avoid When Using Storage in New Orleans

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Storing items during a move can be a balancing act. You’ve got the movers on one hand and the facility on the other. Everything has to come together just right or you’ll run into big—and potentially costly—issues. Here’s a look at mistakes people make when moving things into storage. New Orleans moving companies have some tips on how to do it right.

Mistake 1
Before renting a storage unit, get a firm answer from the moving company about what type of vehicle the movers will be using. Many companies use moving trucks, while others use everything from a trailer pulled by a pickup truck to an 18-wheeler. Verify the vehicle type then get the dimensions—width, length, height, and weight at maximum capacity.

Mistake 2
Now that you know what type of moving vehicle that’ll be used, you need to ensure that it can get into the facility and to your unit. If you’ve ever been to a storage facility, you’ve probably noticed some areas can be a little tight. Facilities make money renting out space, so they understandably maximize the number of buildings and units. This can result in tight turns and becomes challenging to navigate.

Mistake 3
Professional movers are the expert unloaders, but you’re the boss on moving day. It’s best to let them know how you want things arranged in the unit before unloading begins. It’s especially important to speak up if you want to move around and look for certain items later on. This takes some thought and planning before the unit starts getting filled. Aisles will need to be created and boxes will need to be arranged so that all labels are visible.

Mistake 4
It can be a challenge to figure out how much storage space you need. If your belongings already are organized and boxed up, this is easier to determine. But when in doubt, get advice from the facility. If you cut it too close and your belongings won’t fit, you’ll have two options:

1. Check with the facility about renting a second, smaller unit for the overflow.
2. Return the overflow items and take them to a family member’s garage.

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