Why Do People Build Panic Rooms in NY?

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


Panic rooms have been growing in popularity in recent years. In the past, only the wealthy had these rooms. However, due to a recent increase in natural disasters, violent crime and terrorism, Panic Rooms in NY have become more mainstream. Also called safe rooms, these spaces are reinforced within a building for extra safety. While they can be very basic in design, some panic rooms can be very expensive and contain extra conveniences and technology.

A panic room can be as simple as a closet with a solid door and strong deadbolt. The ceiling can be reinforced if desired. More commonly, safe rooms are specially-built with reinforced doors, ceilings and walls. Strong, resistant materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar and steel are used. Often, these materials are bulletproof and reinforced with extra-long screws and fortified hinges. If constructed in a basement or on a ground floor, panic rooms may have concrete walls. Steel grates may also be used to provide extra security on doors, windows or walls. The room should be strong enough that it is able to withstand high winds and remain unharmed while debris hits it or the rest of the building collapses.

panic rooms in NY may have just a few bare essentials or be fully stocked for comfort. Basic designs should at least have some form of communication equipment like a phone, radio transmitter or internet. Medical supplies, shelf-stable food, water and flashlights are good additions as well. Some rooms can be luxurious with bars, entertainment systems or games. Many will have extra safety supplies like gas masks, weapons or even potassium iodine for treating radiation poisoning in case of terrorism. A panic room can be as elaborate and customized as the owner wishes. Some are even able to support a family for up to a month!

Panic rooms are becoming a popular addition to homes. They may be hidden so that outsiders aren’t even aware of their presence. Most are fortified and secure with surveillance equipment and communication devices to call for help. Survival equipment, food and water are kept on hand for long-term emergencies. Given recent events, many people are choosing to protect their families with a secure panic room.

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