Stock Up On Ice Cubes From Long Island Ice And Fuel For Your Summer Get-Togethers

Posted By : Alex , on Jun, 2015


The arrival of summer not only heralds hot weather, but weekend picnics and the backyard grilling season. To make the most of the warm weather months, it is natural to invite family, friends and neighbors over for the afternoon. When you are among those you love, there is little reason to travel to a foreign locale or make a reservation for an expensive hotel. All one needs is fine food, good friends, and ice cold drinks to take away the warmth of a summer’s day.

When it comes time to plan that home-based celebration, working with the team at Long Island Ice and Fuel is the natural thing to do. There is usually the problem of how to make as many ice cubes as one needs for an entire party of people. Even for those people lucky enough to have ice maker units attached to their refrigerator-freezers, the process can be slow and entirely inadequate. To save time and serve beverages that always taste fresh, a delivery from Long Island Ice and Fuel is the best way to maximize time and energy.

In addition to ice cubes sold in bags, an ice company is able to liven up the party in other ways. They can deliver a large block of ice to parties, wedding buffets and other special occasion gatherings. Their customer service representatives will also recommend experience ice carvers close to one’s location who will use their skill to create something truly spectacular. This can be an ice sculpture of an animal, fictional character or floral design among other creations.

School and church functions will also be made more fun during the winter months with the delivery of an ice luge. It enables kids of all ages a chance to slide and sled in their own yard. Delivered directly to its intended location, this is an affordable way to give groups of children time to exercise and have fun. For more information and to place an ice order, visit the website online at This ice company encourages customers to both pick up their own orders or arrange for convenient delivery options. All it takes is a phone call to their customer service team with questions or orders.

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