The Best Themes For Outdoor Weddings in the Chicago Suburbs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2020


Alongside the dress and cake, your wedding theme is just as central when planning your special day. If you wish to have an outdoor wedding in the Chicago suburbs, read on to learn about some of the best themes that will leave both you and your guests absolutely dazzled.

A Night Under the Stars

What’s more romantic than dancing under the stars?
This is a simple wedding theme, best reserved for brides and grooms getting married in the evening. Hang up string lights to recreate a sparkling starry night. For your color palette, stick to gorgeous golds and stunning silvers.

Backyard Picnic

If you’re looking for something even simpler, consider this humble wedding theme. A backyard picnic is perfect for outdoor weddings in the Chicago suburbs. Bring out pitchers of ice-cold lemonade, and hire a live band. Instead of chicken or fish at dinner, serve fresh sandwiches and baked goods.

Lush Garden

The bride’s white dress will photograph beautiful alongside rolling green hills. Make the beauty of nature the main focal point. A garden or even a golf course will serve as the perfect backdrop for a Lush Garden themed wedding.

For An Unforgettable Outdoor Wedding in the Chicago Suburbs

Your location can make or break your theme, so make sure to go with a venue that lives and breathes weddings. Carriage Greens Country Club can help you put together the perfect affair that will leave you and your guests speechless. Visit their site at online for more information.

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