The Criminal Defense Attorneys Begin At The Police Report

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jan, 2016


Criminal defense attorneys defend their clients with the utmost attention to detail, which forces them to understand the layers of the law. But, a lot of their success and the completion of the case to a great end depend on how the attorneys respond to the actions of the plaintiff. The actions of the plaintiff will generally detail the direction of the case and how it will evolve over time. The most significant detail in the earliest phases of the case is the police report.

How Does a Case Begin?

The case opens with an official police report which dictates who is involved with the case, what happened, and what the charge is. Interestingly, the defendant does not get access to the police report in this regard. The main reason is that the report details the witnesses involved in the case. If a defendant received a copy of the police report, he or she could see witnesses that may be making remarks that do not favor the defendant, so in order to protect their identity, the defendant cannot see the report.

The report is also, by design, an objective and non-biased review of the case. The lawyer will get a copy of the report and that is how the case opens up. A public attorney may be assigned the case, and they begin with the report. A defendant can also seek criminal defense attorneys on their own accord. The attorney will then receive the police report independently. The files must be charged by a prosecutor in a timely fashion, which is usually 48 hours after the arrest. At that point, the attorney at website can step in with the appropriate response.

The Police Report Is the Foundation

The case will move through phases, and there are a few details that could take the case in a very different direction. The report will dictate how and why an attorney will file the case. Do they find a hole? Is there a potential case of negligence? Those charged with crimes are innocent until proven guilty, and the details of the report could indicate the reality of the case and the innocence of the defendant. You can olso follow them on Twitter!

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