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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


Dr. Shower Door & Mirror is the leading provider of high-quality window installation and repair and high quality framed and frameless glass shower door in Indianapolis IN.

There are many options to consider when selecting the type of shower door to install in your home. There are two styles of sliding glass doors: bi-pass style, where both doors slide on the track, or a barn-door style, where one-panel moves and the other stays stationary. Sliding doors are efficient, especially if limited space is available. The rollers that move panels are located in the top of the unit, and the bottom track is easy to clean. Swinging shower doors are available in framed or frameless, as well as many options for a semi-frameless swinging shower door. We are the leading provider of framed and frameless glass shower door in Indianapolis IN. Swinging shower doors can be built to keep in steam with the proper seals and sweeps. Bi-fold shower doors are a less common choice, but still effective for some instances. Bi-fold shower doors fold in folding sections similar to an accordion.

Dr. Shower Door & mirrors has an expansive selection of mirrors to fine tune your bathroom layout. We offer classic rectangles, ovals, circular and custom-made mirrors, as well as bevels, overlays and mirror walls. We also offer a vast selection of handles for your shower door. We have 11 different handle styles to customize your bathroom to your specifications.

Cleaning your custom shower is important to the maintenance of your bathroom. We recommend mixing a few drops of liquid soap with warm water, and applying the mix to a non-abrasive cloth to wipe all surfaces. Afterward, rinse thoroughly and dry all your surfaces. We do not recommend using bleach or vinegar to clean any of your bathroom surfaces, as this can ruin your fixtures. The most effective way to avoid water spots on glass surfaces is to squeegee all glass surfaces after every use. This minimal time investment will save a lot of cleaning time and prolong the beauty of your bathroom.

Dr. Shower Door & Mirror LLC is located at 7936 E 46th St in Indianapolis, IN. We offer tours of our impressive showroom by and appointment, and we can be reached at (317) 545-6767 or at bill@drshowerdoor.com.

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