The Lever Chain Hoist – Features and Safety

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2019


Utilized by many types of reading systems, the lever chain hoist consists of ropes and pulleys to facilitate the lifting of heavy loads in an efficient and effective manner. This system operates through a hoisting device that handles the necessary tension and weight involved with the lift.

As it concerns chain hoists, various options are available to commercial and industrial contractors. When low headroom is a problem, a compact hoist can be highly beneficial to help accommodate the requirements of such a restrictive rigging situation.

Lever Chain Hoist Features
Rigging professionals can operate a lever chain hoist horizontally, vertically, and at various things. Other features provided by this hoist include a nonslip grip, solid steel construction, positive breaking action, protection from moisture and dirt, and 15° recover strokes.

Strength and Stability for Lifting
Through the use of lever chain hoists, you can benefit from the stability and strength required for various rigging applications, including those that involve dragging, pulling, vertical lifting, and positioning of various loads.

Safe Rigging
Safety is of prime importance with any type of lifting application. It is essential that the right hardware be installed properly in accordance with the intended design and operation of the system. The individuals responsible for instructing, setting up, and carrying out the lift must fully understand all of the required safety precautions involved as well as a complete knowledge of the application of the lift itself. These lifting operations must be treated with the seriousness and gravity they deserve. By working with a lever chain hoist equipment company, you can ensure you have the right rigging products for your application.

If proper safety protocols are not followed regarding the lifting of an object, the results can lead to loss of human life. A hoist must be accepted that has a capacity greater than the actual weight being lifted. It is vital to consult with a rigging/lifting professional before selecting your hoist to help ensure you have the right equipment involved in the execution of the lift.

If you want to learn more about your options regarding the use of a lever chain hoist in any type of proposed rigging operation, contact a dependable and experienced wire rope and sling company today.

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