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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Generations ago, handwritten cards, letters, and notices were the only acceptable means of formal communication. Change to printed media came slowly, but. by the 1980s, the print industry had firmly established itself. Few took the time or even had the skill for calligraphic handwriting or printing, and the fonts, layout choices, and ease of design, printing and reproduction in quantity held the day for everything from birthday invitations to high tea.

The proliferation of home computers and printers took its toll on professional printers but, once again, the pendulum has swung back, largely due to changes and improvements in the industry. Orders that took days or weeks can now be filled in hours. The online design has made it possible for collaboration between printer and client, obviating the need for more than one visit to the business location. For some, Printers in NYC NY, for example, delivery by messenger or cab adds yet another time-saving feature.

While email, instant messaging, and texting have replaced written correspondence for the majority of written personal interactions, the advantages of professional printing have remained in evidence. Business cards are still exchanged, brochures are available in many venues, and raised lettering, shadowing, and up to four-color products are only some of the mainstays of the business.

Many other types of service are available from Printers in NYC NY in addition to design and printing. For instance, direct mailing can be ordered in such a way as to reach each house in a particular neighborhood or zip code, with no mailing list furnished by the client. Utilizing professional services also saves on postage, as individuals are restricted from bulk mailings. Home business and startups can take advantage of the services offered by modern print shops, saving scarce resources and increasing their reach.

One printing business in Queens, NY, is Printing Express. In business for over 25 years, the products offered can be perused on their website, Website domain.

Even in the digital age, most people still like the experience of receiving mail, opening the envelope ,or flipping over the post card and reading the message. Electronic media has changed some things, but the print business has made a comeback by offering better services and upgraded products.

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