The Various Uses of Sand in Hartford CT

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


Despite being considered as soil or mere minute rocks, uses of sand can be overwhelming. From constructions to decorations, the importance of sand cannot be underrated. Its varied composition and varied nature depends on its source and this makes it suit different usages, including:


Compared to prefab houses, concrete structures (whose main ingredients are sand, gravel and cement) are stronger and tend to last for long, and this is probably why the construction industry is the dominant consumer of the commodity. For instance, statistics show that cases of house repairs in US has decreased by a significant percentage, credited to improved service-delivery of Sand in Hartford CT. Plastering, brickwork and even concrete, all require the use of sand. However, choosing the correct sand for construction should be done vigilantly. Construction sand should be clean, and pure.

Bedding material for livestock

This application is not prominent but the few who have tried it attest that it really works. Sand bedding for livestock, especially cattle is commonly used nowadays for many good reasons; most dairy farmers consider sand as a convenient bedding material because of lesser frequencies of clinical concerns in livestock. Disease causing organisms that are common in organic beddings are done away with hence cutting the risk of livestock from being infected. Dairy farmers are also of the view that sand bedding is effective in curbing feet disease and injuries due to sliding. In addition to these benefits, the economics of using sand in dairy farming is justifiable; sand beds are cheaper to form as they do not require much construction.

Softening playgrounds and courts

Cases of playground injuries among children are rampant. This is mainly because most playgrounds have hard surfaces without cushions to guarantee them safety as they fall. Most volleyball courts and recreational facilities are being floored with sand as a measure of risk control. Beach Sand is the most ideal type for this purpose as it is clean and fine-textured.

Despite being one of the most accessible natural resources, appropriate sand that suits different purposes is not readily available. For residents of US, finding appropriate Sand in Hartford CT is never easy without assistance from Dunning Sand and Gravel. They provide quality sand and gravel, quality top soil and mulch, construction and design services. Visit Website, for more information.

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