Ways to Use Sand in Hartford CT as Part of the Landscape Design

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2015


Now that the decision is made to update the landscaping around the home, there is the matter of deciding what elements to include. One approach that may seem a little unusual is to include the use of Sand in Hartford CT as part of the plan. Here are a few suggestions of how to put the sand to good use.

Edging Along Walkways

To add a more informal touch to the yard, consider the idea of using Sand in Hartford CT to run along all the paved paths and walkways. This approach adds another texture to the yard and also provides the ideal spot for placing planters along the path. The barrier between the paved area and the grass also adds some visual diversity to the layout of the yard.

A Beach Nook in the Backyard

How about a private beach area in the backyard? All it takes is setting aside one corner of space and clearing it of all flora and fauna. From there, build some sort of low retaining wall and fill the enclosed space with sand. Throw in a beach umbrella and some comfortable folding chaises and it will be easy to create the ideal spot for getting a little sun.

A Different Kind of Decorative Island

Typically, an island in the backyard will include a selection of blooming plants with roots in the ground. Consider the idea of filling the island with sand and then arranging different types of potted plants in the space. The nice thing about this approach is those potted plants can always be changed out each season or even for a special holiday. When the homeowner tires of one look, it is easy enough to add, remove, or exchange potted plants to create something different.

For more ideas on how to put sand to good use in the yard, visit the website. Once the homeowner comes up with a plan, it will be easy enough to determine how much sand is required and place an order. In the interim, get the yard ready and it will not take long to have everything in place once the sand is delivered.

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