Some Reasons Why People Prefer Unilock Pavers in Connecticut For Their Hardscape Projects

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


Adding a hardscape to your landscape design can add clean lines and make the space more versatile. Hardscaping is the placement of any hard, non-organic element in a landscape and could include a patio, a walkway, a pool deck, or any paved area. There are quite a few options for paving materials, including gravel, concrete, brick or stone. Concrete pavers are often a preferred choice for hardscape projects as they have several advantages over poured concrete and other materials.

First and foremost, interlocking paving stones, like unilock pavers in Connecticut, come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures, so you can get virtually any look you can imagine. Some pavers are made to look like natural stones or brick, and you can mix and match the different styles and colors for a unique custom design. Light colored pavers reflect more light and create a cooler surface for walking with bare feet, while other colors may make the perfect complement to your landscape design.

While concrete pavers can effectively mimic the appearance of stone, they are much less expensive than granite, sandstone or clay paving stones. You can save money on the maintenance as well. If your hardscape area is damaged, you can simply take up and replace the damaged pavers rather than having to replace a whole section. When the new paver is put in the place of the old one, there is no sign that any repair was done.

Another advantage of pavers is that they’re very durable. When pavers are fabricated, the cement, sand, and aggregate material are compacted tightly into a mold, yielding a very dense product that is much stronger than poured concrete. Consequently, they can take a lot of pressure from foot traffic and vehicles. Many companies offer a lifetime warranty on their paving stones.

Cement pavers are also weather resistant. The way they fit together allows for some expansion and contraction, and this means the pavers won’t crack due to any changes in the ground beneath due to settling or freezing. Thus, pavers are a great choice for a cold climate. For more information about Unilock Pavers in Connecticut, visit Website Url.

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