Tips For Installing ABB Flowmeters

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


The company sells various models and options in Coriolis and electromagnetic meters, as well as specialized meters for sanitary and hygienic process such as food and beverage production or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Each of these flow meters is designed and engineered to offer the features and functions specific necessary for the given application.

At the same time, all of the new models of ABB flowmeters use the latest in technology. This can include SmartSensor Technology that allows remote diagnostics and verification features. This is designed to make the meter a very no to low-maintenance component in even the most demanding of processing applications.

Installation Tips

As each of the ABB flowmeters has different installation requirements, take the time to completely read through all the literature provided with the flowmeter. This will include information about the ideal location to position the meter in the system, as well as the specific requirements for the installation methods used.

There is both a mechanical and an electrical installation component with these meters. Understanding the full process before starting streamlines the installation in any location and helps to reduce any system downtime for a replacement. If the replacement is for an older meter, there may be further adjustments required to meet new installation standards; however, these are typically minor.

The location of the installation of the meter should be free from significant vibration, heat, or the risk of leaks from other pipes making contact with the flowmeter. The meter should also be checked to make sure the flow direction of the meter design matches the flow direction through the pipe.
Other factors to consider, include the position of the LED display on the meter, as easy visibility makes it less problematic to take on-site readings if and when necessary.

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