Treat Your Bunions With The Foot Specialist In Morristown, New Jersey

Posted By : Alex , on Jun, 2015


Bunions can so painful and unsightly that sufferers refuse to wear sandals. They are afraid that others will think the foot is deformed. Bunions occur when the joints at the bottom of the big toe fall out of alignment. A large bony bump appears at the joint. The misalignment causes the big toe to point outward. Interestingly, this condition affects women more than men. That is why many people say wearing high heels and tight shoes causes bunions. However, many women have bunions who never wore high heels. Further, small bunions, called bunionettes, can show up on the joints of the little toes.

It is unclear what causes bunions. However, the Foot Specialist in Morristown NJ, believes that heredity causes certain foot problems like overpronation. Overpronation occurs when feet have a tendency to roll inwards. As a result, people with this problem are likely to have bunions. Other causes include rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, and nerve damage. Some people do not require treatment for bunions because they wear wider shoes and rest the foot if it starts to hurt. Additionally, over-the-counter medicines help if the bunion gets inflamed. To learn more about bunions, visit

People with bunions that are painful should see the Foot Specialist in Morristown NJ. The patient may need a bunionectomy, a surgery that corrects the problem. The surgeon removes the bony bump on the bunion and puts the big toe joint in the correct position. The surgery corrects the misalignment and relieves pain. However, many patients come back saying the surgery was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the big toe does not want to stay in place after the surgery.

If one has bunions, be careful about devices that promise to help. There are many devices sold online that direct individuals to wrap a material around the affected toe. The devices promise to realign the toe while one sleeps. Before spending a lot of money, let the physician see a picture of the device. People with widening misalignment are urged to have bunion surgery. Physicians advise against waiting because pins and other devices may have to be placed in the toe area.

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