The Benefits of Furniture Upholstery in Manhattan NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Furniture upholstery in Manhattan, NY is a way to get more use out of high-quality furniture. In some cases, the frame and cushioning of the piece is in great condition; it is just the fabric that needs to be replaced. It may have been damaged by a pet, stained with wine, or become worn with frequent use. Getting the chair re-upholstered is often more cost-effective than replacing the chair. It is also better to have the chair re-upholstered if it is a favorite chair, or a family heirloom, rather than parting with the chair. The fabric can usually be matched to other pieces of a set, or a new fabric can be chosen to update the look.

Sometimes the fabric goes out of style, or will not match new furniture or updated electronics. Getting a home theater put into the living room may inspire the family to upgrade the chairs and ottomans to a new pattern. More stuffing can be added when the new upholstery is being fitted to restore comfort. If the furniture will be moving or will be used for another purpose, new upholstery can suit the needs. A floral printed wing backed chair, for example, that will now be placed in the home office, may present a better impression to clients in a striped material that complements the carpet or curtains.

Custom furniture upholstery in Manhattan provides the benefit of a one-of-a-kind piece for a home or office. Most professional companies that provide that service will either design fabric patterns, supply unique fabrics, or use customer fabrics to upholster furniture made to order. In addition to chairs and ottomans, headboards, box springs, frames, and even walls can be upholstered. Upholstered walls increases insulation that will help cut down on utility bills, minimizes sound interference from outside noise, and absorbs interior sound for increased privacy. A board room wall that is upholstered will muffle any sounds coming from important discussions, protect client confidentiality, and avoid people overhearing plans or information that should not be shared. Customers can visit the website for examples of past projects, to set up a private consultation, or to learn of options and capabilities.

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