Valves and Their Important Role in Industry

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Apr, 2019


If your company manufactures products or processes materials, you may use many valves. From large gate valves to miniature pneumatic valves, these mechanisms perform a wide range of tasks. Here is information on valves and why they are so important for industrial and commercial applications.

Stop and Start

With some industrial systems, you may have to start and stop production systems many times during the course of a workday. Valves can easily stop the flow of liquid or gas, and you have many options. For example, if you wish to shut off water to a system, you can go with a manual valve and turn the wheel. This is an effective way to stop water flow. However, it is not efficient, especially in large automated operations and products like full-size and miniature pneumatic valves work with greater efficiency.

Pressure Release

Some valves are specially made for relieving pressure on a steam or gas system. This is an important safety feature because a hot water heater can malfunction and the pressure could get out of control if it does not shut off when needed. Steam heat relies on hot water, a boiler, and registers. They need some kind of failsafe measure like a pressure release valve. These safety valves not only save downtime, but they can also help to prevent injuries and fatalities on the job.


When you choose the right source for your valves, you enjoy the many benefits which come with custom parts and valves. A trusted manufacturer can give you miniature pneumatic valves, medium size, and very large valves for applications like sewage processing. Make sure to choose a valve source with many years of experience and an impeccable reputation for taking care of customers. You receive a wide selection of high-quality choices and some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

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