What Benefits You Can Get From A Shared Office Space

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Whether you are an entrepreneur or solo professional, you can benefit from a shared office space. Co-working is the term, and it’s an excellent way to work in an office while still keeping freedom and flexibility of being an independent company. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks for most people, but it’s still a good idea to consider all your options to find the right one for you.


Networking is a necessity in business, and you may have a wide variety of options if you share your workspace with others. They will likely have connections you don’t, and vice-versa. Therefore, you can both benefit from using each other to find new clients or contacts. It’s considered instant networking because you don’t have to go out of your way or do anything but talk.


Those you choose to be in your space can become potential clients or business contacts, but they can be fun to talk to. You probably have a thousand stories that your family and staff have already heard, but here is a new group of people to talk to about various funny or thought-provoking stories. Those who own a start-up business are a unique bunch of people and it can be nice to have someone to talk to who has been through what you’ve been through.


Problem solving can be a difficult part of being your boss. However, you’ll have someone to bounced ideas off of, and they can use you in the same way. You will be benefitting each other because you’ll both get to collaborate on particular issues you’re facing.


You want people to see a professional meeting area, whether you have employees right now or not. This means you shouldn’t be working out of your home or car, but should have a place reserved for formal meetings. This can set your company above others who may be using a home office or public locations for meetings.

Work Environments

Most people have trouble working from home because there are so many familiar distractions. Your wife wants to ask you how much money is on the credit card and your son wants to play catch. The dog may be hungry, or the dryer may be dinging. All of these distractions cost money, but if you share an office with someone else, you’ll have an environment set for work.

What benefits you can get from a shared office space are plentiful and can include saving some money and networking options. Visit Corporate House today to learn more.

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