What to do When You Have an Animal Emergency?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Pets today are largely considered to be parts of the family, sometimes as much as any other member! They are fed well, they have insurance, they get regular health checkups, and are often treated just like humans. There is no doubt that pet owners take good care of their four-legged companions. But despite all the careful attention, accidents still happen, and they can happen at any time. What are you supposed to when you’re faced with an animal emergency? Keep reading to find out how to deal with a canine crisis.

First Steps

As a living, breathing beings, pets are susceptible to unforeseen accidents or health problems just as humans are, so it’s important to know how to handle these types of situations. The first thing to identify is if your pet needs urgent care. Check for symptoms such as rapid breathing, abnormal pulse or body temperature, heavy bleeding, or any other characteristics that are not typical of your pet. The second thing to know is that you can NOT call 911 if your pet is in distress. 911 emergency services will only answer animal calls if humans are involved.

What Next?

After identifying the emergency, your first instinct may be to phone your routine vet for advice, however, many veterinary clinics operate within average working hours. This isn’t helpful if your cat is in desperate need of attention at 1 am! Your best course of action is to find a local emergency vet in the Chicago area that will be available to accommodate you and your pet in urgent cases. It is best to plan in advance for any vital care that your pet may need in the future. In addition to your regular vet services, it is recommended to keep a note of an after-hours veterinary clinic nearby, in case of emergencies.

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