Including Ornamental Grasses for Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


An expanse of lush, green grass is a common sight in residential settings throughout Connecticut. Property owners who want more intriguing Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut might be interested in ornamental grasses that provide a variety of hues and textures to please the senses and enhance the yard’s appearance. Ornamental grasses can really make a yard stand out from the others without having to perform a lot of time-consuming maintenance on numerous gardens. Some are evergreen and offer a beautiful display of greenery against the snow.

Selections of ornamental grass for Landscape Design in Westport Connecticut will depend on factors such as soil composition and the levels of shade and sun. Most species that are suitable for Connecticut do not need much shade and grow well in full sun, especially if they receive enough water. An organization such as Northeast Horticultural Services conducts soil testing and analysis so homeowners can make the right choices of grasses that thrive in these conditions. This type of company also offers customized fertilization that is useful when having two or more kinds of grass growing on a lot or acreage. Fertilization is usually done in spring, but technicians can add more later if that seems advisable. Visit the Website for details on this particular company.

Property owners who routinely have wildlife visiting the yard will want to choose grass species that don’t interest those critters. Deer and rabbits can do damage to many kinds of plants they find tasty, but they aren’t excited about most ornamental grass. Many people don’t want to chase away the wildlife, but they also don’t want to deal with plant destruction.

Professional landscape designers are helpful for creating a plan that results in lovely colors and patterns around the property. When the ornamental grasses are still just starting to become abundant in spring, previously planted flower bulbs add splashes of red, yellow and other hues. Since the bulbs only need to be planted one time, this is a low-maintenance flower garden activity. Property owners might consider tulips and daffodils since they are brightly cheerful, as well as popular and hardy. Browse the Website for more information.

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