Why Texas Companies Use Grooved Pipe Products

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jul, 2019


In the oil and gas industry in Texas, finding more reliable, dependable, and easy to install options in pipeline and oil production and refining systems is always an advantage.

When it comes to joining pipe in the oil field, there have always been challenges. However, thanks to the availability of grooved piping products, the vast majority of these challenges are now easy to solve. The key is in the ability to quickly and effectively join pipe without the need for welding, complicated joining systems or requiring multiple people to get the job done.

Fast Process

As the name implies, grooved piping products have a distinctive groove at the end of each side of the two pipes or the pipe and fitting or valve that is being connected together.

This groove provides a quick way to attach a coupling to the ends of the pipe that pulls them together and holds them in place. The housing coupling is set into the grooves, and there is also an internal gasket in the housing, which allows for a complete seal of the join area.

The coupling is held in place with two nuts and bolts, one on either side of the housing. These are simply tightened in place with a socket, so they are easy to work on, even in tight quarters and in small locations.

There are both rigid and flexible types of grooved piping products. Flexible products allow for some movement of both ends of the pipe, helping to offset any stress on the joint area and allowing for ground movement or other considerations.

Additionally, and this is always important, the system can be taken apart just as quickly and easily. This makes this type of pipe and joining system a very good option for Texas oil field work.

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