Window Screen Replacement: The Basics

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


Window screens get dusty, punctured and torn in places over time. That’s why it’s surprising how many homeowners seem to mistakenly entertain the thought that theirs will last forever. Here’s how to deal with a problematic window screen when it happens to you:

Repair or replace?

The first rule to resolving these issues is to figure out if you only require repairs or if you need to replace everything all together. The Home Advisor suggests repairs for small tears. If there are few and tiny holes, your screen should survive with a repair.


There are DIY videos and tutorials you could use if you want to do the minor repairs yourself. However, if the repairs are too big or a replacement will work much, much better, it would be wise to leave this in the hands of a professional.


If the tears are too big and the holes too many to count, it’s best to hire the services of a company for a window screen replacement in Alamo. If you have a broken frame, then this is the best option for you.

Patch-up jobs

Don’t make do with patch-up jobs. Patching up especially big holes is a temporary, stop-gap measure. You’ll need to eventually replace the entire screen. Also, patches can detract from the appearance of your screen. The ragtag look certainly isn’t going to make the best impression on your guests.

Choose a type

There are different screens out there – from movable ones to adjustable screens. Hinged and retractable screens are also available. These won’t all work well for your property, though. Discuss your options before you say yes to a replacement.

Go for custom windows

Need something different? No worries. Simply look for a window screen replacement company in Alamo that offers custom window screens tailored-fit to your needs.

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