3 Reasons to Hire Licensed Plumbing Contractors in The Atlanta Area

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Nov, 2019


There are different types of companies offering plumbing services in the Atlanta area. It is not uncommon for handyman types of services to offer both basic plumbing repairs as well as some types of plumbing installations. These companies are often not licensed or insured, and this can pose a serious risk for individuals or businesses hiring these services.
The second option is to hire a licensed plumbing contractor. These contractors may be larger or smaller plumbing companies in Atlanta, but they are very different from the unlicensed handyman services in several important ways. Understanding these differences and how a licensed plumber is a benefit to a home or business owner for repairs or installations is essential.

Insurance and Protection

A big part of being a licensed plumbing contractor is that the company has insurance, specifically liability insurance. This means if an employee is hurt on your property, or if the plumbers damage your property, it is the contractor’s insurance that pays the claim.
Without this insurance, the employee or individual working on your property could file a lawsuit on you if the injury occurred on your property. In addition, you would have to sue them for any damages, which takes time and is often a frustrating experience.
Knowledge of Building Codes and Regulations

A licensed plumbing contractor is aware of all local, state, and federal building codes and standards, and ensures they are followed in all work they complete. This means repairs, renovations, or new construction can pass any necessary inspections and are done correctly and within all compliance requirements.
Customer Satisfaction

A licensed contractor in any field could be considered a responsible professional. While it is essential to read reviews and choose a company wisely, experienced contractors focus on customer satisfaction. They are known as reputable service providers in the community.

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