Anti-Allergy Bedding for Your Home

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Business


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If you want to keep your allergy symptoms at bay the best way to go is with anti-allergy bedding. The great news is that you can purchase allergy relief pillow covers and various other pieces of bedding protection in order to keep the dust mites out of your bed and to keep you from sniffling on a regular basis. When you are shopping for bedding covers for your mattress and pillows there are several factors that you are going to want to consider before you make your first purchase.


There are several factors that are considered when experts test bedding covers and pillow protectors. They are generally looking for how easy they are to take on and off as well as for their ability to repel water. They must be able to fit on the mattress or pillow with ease and have extensive breathability as well as a moderate level of shrinkage. It is also important to keep an eye on how they appear after they have been washed several times. If they appear very worn, then chances are they are not the best in quality. They are generally also tested for comfort.

The Best Protection

When shopping for covers for your mattresses and pillows, it is important to remember that the best protection from harmful allergens comes from fabrics that are non-porous. These products are generally the most cost-effective and easy to find. This type of fabric does not always breathe well as some of the other options and may cause you to sweat at night. It might be wise to consider a type of fabric that is a microfiber polyester style or one that is made up of a cotton blend. These fabrics will keep you much cooler while you are sleeping.

Purchase for the Whole Bed

When you are purchasing covers or protectors for your bed, make sure you are purchasing for the entire bed including the pillows. You may also be able to find coverings for your comforters if you look hard enough. If you cannot find one for your comforter, then make sure that you are washing it at least once a month to keep out the dust mites.

Dust mites can cause allergies but you can prevent dust mites from ever being a problem. Using anti-allergy bedding for your home can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being.

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