Anti-Money Laundering Training for National Security

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


Anti-money laundering training has always been a prominent feature for financial institutions but since the rise of terrorism having the right training has taken on a new urgency. Getting the right training to your staff is not only about protecting the corporate environment but it is about protecting against foreign threats.

Reducing Risk
The key to reducing risk is to ensure your staff members are all trained with up to the minute training materials. What was valid even 5 short years ago has had to be adjusted to reflect new threats. Up to date anti-money laundering training is the key to ensuring that everyone in your organization is aware of the strict regulations and:
*Can easily recognize the threat
*Knows what steps to take if they suspect something
*Can have candid, frank conversations with other staff members about suspected activity
*Can see the importance of being vigilant

Reducing the risk starts with the ability to recognize the threat. More times than not, money laundering activities are fostered by unwitting accomplices. Unwitting employees can wind up furthering launderers goals. The right training will help employees to recognize the threat and take the steps that are necessary to put an end to it.

Preserving Corporate Reputation
Currently, no financial institution can afford to be associated with laundering activities. It can mar even the strongest, longest established financial institution with a reputation stain that can be difficult to recover from. Considering the knowledge is wide spread when it comes to the connection between terrorism and laundering activities, consumers and other businesses will quickly distance themselves from any entity that has perceived involvement. The right training ensures that the corporate entity has taken every step to protect its good name. Interactive Services can help with the right training to protect the corporate environment!

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