Benefits of Vibration Analysis in Dallas

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Many industrial concerns run their machinery without undertaking preventive or predictive maintenance services. This means that they operate their equipment till it breaks down, after which they hire professional technicians to perform emergency and often expensive repairs. This results in an increased rate of production losses and high maintenance costs.

Some firms have begun to perform calendar-based or preventive maintenance on their machinery and equipment. However, a calendar-based approach to maintenance services means that the equipment is serviced regardless of its condition. This means that fault-free machines are repaired unnecessarily resulting in increased program costs.

Predictive Maintenance

In recent times, industries have begun to transition into predictive and condition-based maintenance. Predictive maintenance is the recommended approach since it maximises resources and minimizes equipment downtime. One of the most important methods used in condition-based maintenance is vibration analysis, and this is mostly used in industrial operations that make use of a lot of heavy equipment and machinery.

Benefits of Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis refers to the technique used in the detection of anomalies in heavy equipment. It helps to monitor changes in the established pattern of a system’s vibration signature and measures variation in frequency, intensity, and amplitude. Changes to any of these physical properties indicate an anomaly and can be detected by the use of special equipment. Depending on the readings, the technicians determine the causative factor and undertake the relevant repairs. The following are some of the benefits of vibration analysis in Dallas.

Reduced Replacement Cost

Critical damage to components of industrial equipment and machinery will require the replacement or repair of the damaged component. However, the use of vibration analysis ensures the early detection of these faults before they become serious. If the damage is immediately fixed, it will result in huge savings on repair costs since such faults are minor and easily repairable.

Reduced Labor Cost

The early detection of faults by vibration analysis reduces the labor cost involved in equipment repair. Since the fault is detected on time, the volume and extent of repair to be performed on the machinery is small and can be performed by one or two technicians. Industrial concerns can take advantage of vibration analysis to reduce the labor costs involved in equipment repair.

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